Galina Younusova

Galina Younusova Galina Younusova
Galina Younusova

CLICK TO SPONSOR Location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Development Partner: Imon International

Art, education and family – those are Galina’s top priorities. Since childhood, Galina has been painting on anything she could get her hands on: paper, walls, glasses, dishes, or ceramics. Acutely aware of limited job opportunities in Tajikistan, at the same time that she developed her craft, Galina also pursued an education in economics. But she has left that behind as she takes on the challenge of working as a full-time Tajik artist. Though daily life is sometimes difficult, she is happy exploring Tajikistan’s evolving culture through her craft. Galina is also passing on her love of art to her eight-year old son, who she hopes will become whatever it is he dreams of.